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Gutter Services

Cleaning a Rain Gutter

This is a picture of what a typical clogged gutter system looks like. This is also what you want to avoid by having your gutters cleaned on a regular basis. Unfortunately, most people wait until their gutters are in this condition before they have them cleaned. If this isn't taken care of properly then it will create more problems in the future.


Most commonly is fascia board rot. The fascia board is the wooden board behind the gutter that the gutter system is actually attached to. Do to the trapped water accumulating in the gutter and spilling over behind the gutter it will cause the fascia board to rot over time. Eventually the fascia board will have to be replaced. This is a costly repair because the entire gutter system has to be:

1) Taken down.

2) Fascia board has to be removed and replaced.

3) Fascia will need to be covered with aluminum siding

4) The gutter system has to be reinstalled if not replaced.


This can cost several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the amount of fascia board that needs to be replaced. We perform this repair much too often.


After we clean out your gutters, we will inspect the entire system to make sure the gutters are pitched correctly. This will ensure the water will drain properly, gutters are properly secured to the house, and that there are no leaks. You can be sure that we will advise you of any issues that we feel should be brought to your attention. Minor repairs are included in the cleaning price.

For further details and questions please get a quote.

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