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Bernard Johnson


Bernard Johnson CEO of Johnson's Cleaning Services and The Car Cleaning King

Bernard Johnson, born and raised in Cambridge, MD, started Johnson’s Cleaning services in 2018. Like most people, Bernard loves what he does. “I love to clean, it calms me. I believe in the concept; if you want to start a business make sure it's doing something that you love." Although this started as a hobby, Bernard’s main goal was to provide a better life for his family. He wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle of a 9-to-5 and strive for something bigger. 

Over the last two years the company has grown from a local “Mom & Pop” establishment into a blossoming company that now employs over 20 people and services the entire Eastern Shore and some parts of the Western Shore of Maryland. 

Bernard's vision for Johnson’s Cleaning Services is to turn it into a major corporation creating one of the top Cleaning Services in the nation! He also plans to expand the services offered creating even more opportunities for his team members and the community. 

Entrepreneurship is something that Bernard truly believes allows you to have more control over your future. You can put yourself in a position to empower others and create opportunities for them to further their dreams and to provide for their families. 

When asked if he has any advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs Bernard advised them to; “Just get started! You can’t be great if you don’t get started. When you do get started no matter what anyone says, or how tough it gets, do not quit!! If you quit you’re only quitting on yourself!!"

In addition to Johnson’s Cleaning Services, Bernard is also very active in the community. He advocated for young men in the community, he is a mentor within the school system, and plans to employ and offer opportunities of advancement to those who come on board with either the Cleaning service or the Car Wash entity of the business. He wants to create and give to those in need. Bernard wants everyone to know that Johnson’s Cleaning Services is here for them.

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